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Raven’s New Book!

6th February 2023

Raven, someone who attends our befriending group, has written and illustrated an amazing childrens book all about autism. With beautiful illustrations the book tells the story of Carlie and Crystal. We had a chat with Raven about the book and about what inspired her to write this.


How long have you been interested in illustrating and writing for?

“I have been interested in drawing and illustrating since a very young age, and I became interested in writing children’s books while at University.”

What inspired you to write your book?

“I was inspired to write Carlie and Crystal because when I looked at children’s book about autism, I noticed that there were very few books that were made for autistic children themselves or had an autistic child as the main character, or were written by autistic authors themselves. Most of the books I saw were written by neurotypical authors for the siblings and friends of autistic children, and were usually about a child with an autistic sibling or friend, with the autistic child being in the background of the story.”

How do you think your book will help others?

“I hope I can help autistic children by letting them see themselves as the main characters in the stories they read, and help them see that they’re not alone and that there are lots of other children like them.”


Thanks very much Raven!


A copy of the book can be viewed online here: 

ccnew.pdf – Google Drive

To see more of Ravens illustrations, check out her instagram page at the following link: Raven (@radioactive_wolves) • Instagram photos and videos


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