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Autism Alert Cards

Carrying an Autism Alert Card can boost confidence and provide peace of mind. We offer two cards: a card for diagnosed young people and adults and a card for parents or carers of autistic children

For the Parents and Carers free Alert Card please scroll to the bottom of the page.

Alert Card for diagnosed young people and adults (over 13 years)

The Autism Alert Card is a plastic card (bank card size), recognised by West Midlands, West Mercia, Warwickshire, Staffordshire and British Transport Police. It alerts security services and other people in authority that the individual is autistic and may have communication difficulties, become anxious and need additional support. It shows the card holder’s name and a maximum of two emergency contacts. There is also space for an optional PEGASUS access number if you are registered.

Cards are free for West Mercia residents and £2.50 for West Midlands Police area, Staffordshire and Warwickshire residents. The cards cost £5.00 for areas outside the West Midlands and duplicate cards. We are grateful for the support of the Home Office and West Midlands and West Mercia Police in providing funding for the cards.

To apply complete our application form at the link below and provide proof of your autism diagnosis. Once we have received all your documents a link to a payment page will be sent you (if payment is required). Cards take 2-3 weeks to be issued.

We require proof of diagnosis because this scheme is operated in conjunction with Regional Police Forces. The card confirms you have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. Your proof of diagnosis is uploaded via a secure webpage, is only used for this purpose and once approved it is deleted.

Proof of diagnosis can be a copy of your diagnostic report, an EHCP (where autism is mentioned) or a supporting letter from a professional. It is not necessary to scan/photograph every page of long documents, we only need to see the first page with your name and the name of the organsiation/professional AND the page that mentions the diagnosis.

If you have difficulty finding a proof of diagnosis document or have any concerns about this process, please contact us.

The National Autistic Society offer an “I am autistic” card you can buy at this link. This card is not part of an official Police Force recognition scheme so does not require proof of diagnosis.

If you are unable to apply online contact us at or on 0121 450 7575

The information you provide in your application will be used to issue your card and then stored to enable a replacement to be issued if needed. Your proof of diagnosis information is required as “legitimate interest” under GDPR, to enable Autism West Midlands to issue your Alert Card. Once uploaded it will be checked, logged as “received” and then deleted. Please see our privacy statement which sets out how we lawfully process information we collect from you.

Image of the front and back side of the Alert Card

“My autism alert card is very helpful when I’m feeling anxious. It allows the person I show it to to help me by either contacting my husband, letting me sit somewhere quiet and gives understanding if I’m confused or struggling with communication.” Sylvia.

“My partner drives a nice car and often gets pulled over during lockdown by the police as he drives around the country for work – he gets so anxious he then finds it really difficult to speak and can’t make eye contact so probably comes across as suspicious and this is a great way of letting them know he has autism without him having to explain it!” Holly.

Alert Card for Parents and Carers

Our free downloadable Alert Card for parents and carers is way of letting people you meet in the community know your child is autistic and might need some extra time or help in certain situations.

The card can be downloaded and printed or there is a version to download to your mobile phone.

The PDF version can be printed and written on or you can add your information by typing it in the boxes on the file and print that.

The JPEG version is just for printing out to write on.

The phone version is just the front side of the card and formatted to fit most screens, it is also in JPEG format.

Image of the front and back side of the Parents Alert Card and the phone version