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Co-production in Autism West Midlands

16th August 2022

Here at Autism West Midlands ensuring the views of autistic individuals and the autistic community are heard is vital to the development of our programmes and courses. To do this, we rely on Experts by Experience, including those who have used Autism West Midland’s services and/or autism professionals from inside and outside the charity.

We are now establishing a co-production group to do this in a more formal way. The role of the group is to ensure that messages promoted, and information produced by Autism West Midlands is accessible, accurate, evidence based and in line with the current consensus of views of the autistic community. It will also ensure that information by other sources that we pass to the people we support is accurate, evidence based and recognised to be of value to the autistic individuals.

Co-production Group

Co-production has helped us to develop and deliver our programmes such as our Autism Confident programmes. Where autistic people accessing the services worked together with staff members to design the programme, agreeing topic content and delivery methods and co delivering the programme. This has been an integral success of the adult and teenager programmes.

This is a voluntary opportunity initially but if you are an autistic individual (Expert by Experience), a professional or you have attended any of our programs or courses we invite you to register your interest in joining our coproduction group.

To register your interest, please email

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