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‘Seeing the World Differently’  – Schools activity and fundraising event – WAAW 2022


Express your own uniqueness with a pair of fun craft glasses!

For this year’s World Autism Acceptance Week we are inviting schools across the West Midlands region to help us celebrate by taking part in this fun art and craft event.

Image of the download sheets

‘Seeing the World Differently’ is all about accepting that each autistic person perceives the world around them in differing ways and can have varying degrees of the challenges faced by autistic people. This is why autism is referred to as a ‘spectrum’.

Autistic people can have their perception of what’s happening around them effected by processing challenges such as sensory, environmental, anxiety and stress levels. Being autistic can have the effect of processing general information and input differently from ‘neurotypical’ people and this can often result in unusually positive traits such as creativity, analytical ability, precision and more.

We thought that glasses and the concept of having different frames was a good way of  individuals using their own imaginations to create something; expressing their own unique view of the world.

We have created a special free download sheet that can be printed to create a template for a pair of thick card glasses, in five different styles to choose from, that can be decorated and embellished to create something unique from each child.

The download includes instructions and is formatted for printing on a standard A4 printer, this could be black and white if it is only the glasses frame template that is needed.

We understand that sharing pictures on social media isn’t always easy, so we have designed a letter to send home with children explaining the concept to parents, in hopes we’ll see some of the fantastic creations made!

We are also asking for an optional ‘small change’ donation to us from the families of children taking part.

We rely in large part on fundraising to operate our helpline, supporting families of autistic children, autistic adults and related professionals and clinicians.