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World Autism Awareness Month

26th January 2018

World Autism Awareness Month 

April is World Autism Awareness Month with 2nd of April being World Autism Awareness Day. Throughout the month Autism West Midlands will be joining in with many autism organisations around the world to help promote autism awareness.

A lack of autism awareness can lead to misunderstandings about the reasons that a person with autism may behave a certain way.  This can sometimes increase anxiety and depression in people with autism.

Increasing autism awareness is key to ensuring that people with autism receive the right support.  World Autism Awareness Month tends to draw attention to the issues faced by people on the autism spectrum and to raise awareness of the condition.

Silly Sock Day 2018

Autism West Midlands will mark the end of World Autism Awareness Month by celebrating their Annual Silly Sock Day on Friday 27th April. On that day we ask you to wear your silliest, craziest, wackiest socks to school, work, or even challenge your friends and family to wear their most outrageous socks for a day at home.

“Last year was the first Silly Sock day OCS held at Birmingham Airport, but it won’t be the last! OCS was delighted by the support shown by both staff and passengers. It helped us to show our support of a fantastic cause and also spread the word and show the help that’s available. Autism West Midlands do fantastic work for the community and has helped Birmingham Airport and OCS to constantly improve our services, it will be a pleasure to hold Silly Sock Day again in 2018”.

Mick Connolly, Training & Standards Manager, OCS (Birmingham Airport).

Silly Sock Day (Schools)

Last year many schools took part in Silly Sock Day, helping us to raise awareness and funds for our vital services. If you are a school, nursery or college and would like get involved then please sign up today. Whether you choose to take part on our official Silly Sock Day on 27th April, during World Autism Awareness Week (26th March – 2nd April) or a day of your own choice, please share your photo’s with us! Let’s make Silly Sock Day 2018 our best one yet!

The children and staff at Perry Hall Primary School thoroughly enjoyed taking part in Silly Sock Day 2017 and working alongside the dedicated staff at Autism West Midlands. We successfully enhanced our children’s understanding surrounding the condition of autism and the difficulties people with autism face in day to day life, whilst at the same time raising awareness of this hardworking, local charity and all the amazing work they do to help families living with this condition. Last year was the first time our school had held a Silly Sock Day and it certainly won’t be our last!

Claire Gibbins- Deputy Head- Perry Hall Primary School, Wednesfield, Wolverhampton.

Please help us to support autism, sign up for Silly Sock Day today to receive regular updates, Silly Sock Day downloads and your free Silly Sock Day 2018 fundraising pack. Thank you.

When you take part please make a donation no matter how big or small and post your photos of your Silly Socks on our Facebook page or on Twitter @autismwestmids #SillySocks.

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Silly Sock Day 2018

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