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Thanks so much to Dr Arora’s GP surgery!

8th December 2021

Dr Arora and his team were keen to raise awareness of being autistic and its challenges. In September, they held an event where they were able to pass on some of our autism awareness information resources to their community. We asked Pardeep from the surgery to tell us more…

“We decided to raise awareness for Autism West Midlands as we have many patients who need support with dealing with autism. It is important to seek support if you have a loved one who needs advice and guidance, and Autism West Midlands is a champion for community engagement.

Dr Arora and the team at the GP surgery
People posing behind a stall full of autism awareness promotional material

We created a poster, informed our patients of the date, including patients from other surgeries. We also sent an email to the whole building so all the staff in various teams could pass it on. Our staff made cakes and brought in samosas, and we had a table set up outside [weather was nice, which topped off the day], and had leaflets to hand to patients about autism and how autism can effect different people in different situations.

We also had colouring papers and crayons which we bought, and many children passed through and were delighted to see such colourful displays.

Patients and staff members credited us on the information and the hard work which all my team went through to raise awareness for such an important topic in our society. We thought we would make about £150 and to more than double that, we were all so proud that we managed to support a charity like Autism West Midlands.

Autism is such a complex topic and the only way we are going to learn more about it is by talking about it, sharing information, holding events like this, and educating ourselves.”

More about the event from the original promotional material:

Children Living With Autism Event

Change and disruption has been a huge part of our lives over the past 18 months. One way our GP Surgery is tackling this is by holding events to raise awareness and supporting local charities. Our next event is on Friday 24th September at The Lyng. We will be raising awareness for Children Living With Autism and are supporting the charity Autism West Midlands. Staff will be wearing a purple item of clothing and donating money, and we have a cake sale as well as colouring activities for children, and leaflets and information on how to get support should you have a family member who may need support with autism. Our aim is to not only raise money for this wonderful charity, but to inform people that support is available, and that they are not alone. Many people do not understand autism and it is important to use local resources of support as well as educating yourself and others.

All proceeds raised on the day will go to Autism West Midlands, and if you would like to be a part of it or donate, please come at 10.00am to The Lyng, Frank Fisher Way, West Bromwich, B70 7AW on Friday 24th September

Dr Arora and the team would like to say a massive thank you in advance for supporting Autism West Midlands

Someone giving a 'Thumbs Up'
Collage of photos of people at the event

In addition to raising awareness of autism, the team also raised £360 for us!

The event was a great success for autism awareness and we’re so grateful to the surgery for raising funds for us.

If you would like to learn more about running fundraisers and/or donating to Autism West Midlands, please email

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