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Returning to school after lockdown

6th July 2020

Returning to school after lockdown

As we move away from lockdown towards some degree of normality, autistic children will need support to manage these changes. Although we do not know what the “new normal” is going to look like or when this is likely to happen, recent Government announcements have stated that all children should be back in school in September.  After such a long period away from school, this is going to be a difficult transition for all.

Our Information sheet “Returning to school and other school transitions”contains information about how you can support your child with transition back to school. Preparation is the key and the following tips may be helpful.

  • Talk to your child about their fears and feelings and share these concerns with school
  • If you have explained why they were in lockdown, then explaining why they will be coming out of lock down is important
  • Share with the teacher the vocabulary that has been used at home around Covid-19. What terms have you used: “pandemic”, “coronavirus”, “germs”?
  • Find out what changes are in place at school and share these with your child. If the school has not provided your child social stories or information about what will be different, create them yourself
  • Talk about the positives of returning to school, e.g. seeing friends again or a favourite teacher.
  • If your child is sleeping later and staying up later, gradually get them accustomed to school times by bringing bedtimes and getting up times forward.
  • Use a countdown visual as the return day approaches

More information about preparation strategies are contained in our information sheet and we have a webinar on this topic which will be shown live on Thursday 9th July at, a recorded version will be made available soon after.

If you would like advice and information about returning to school please contact our helpline at

Returning to school information sheet 


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