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Oliver’s Story

Seeing the world differently

We were on an extremely difficult, stressful and lonely journey.  We received the diagnosis in August 2013 and began the statement process immediately with the school. We had little to no understanding of Oliver’s condition and no idea how to help him.

He hated school and his anxiety levels were extremely high. He would run out of class, hide, and climb trees, and this was just perceived as “naughty” behaviour.

With help from Autism West Midlands we were able to get a statement and get him placed in a school that could help him. We were also given tools to help him such as visual aids including a countdown chart for starting his new school.  Without this new help Oliver would of most definitely been excluded from mainstream school. He was so anxious and unhappy it was painful to see him struggle.  Although we have experienced some extremely challenging times we would not change Oliver for the world. We are blessed to have him.

Having autism in the family has made us better people and better parents. One of the Autism West Midlands logos on their shirts says, “Autism is seeing the world differently”, and that is exactly what it is.

-Tracy – Oliver’s Mum-

We are looking forward to a new year with enthusiasm and hope for Oliver’s future. We are working together as a team to help Oliver with his condition and our primary goal is that he is happy and more able to cope with the difficulties his condition brings.