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Luke’s Story

A stepping stone to independence

Luke was 17 years old and lived in a children’s home. Following a detailed assessment involving Luke, key professionals and his family it was identified that a placement with Autism West Midlands would be suitable and would meet Luke’s needs and aspirations.

A gradual transition was planned which included pre visits by our staff to Luke’s current home and school in order for them to gain greater knowledge of his needs and begin to develop their relationship with Luke.

The transition was planned at Luke’s pace and social stories were developed to help Luke understand and adjust throughout the transition process. Regular observations and discussions were had to ensure that Luke was happy and coping with his transition. Luke made tea visits to his new home with support. Luke successfully moved to his new home and settled in well. Regular reviews were held and as a result it was identified that Luke would like to move to his own home.

Luke was enabled to identify a flat within a supported living scheme and was supported to plan his transition to his own home. Luke now lives independently in his own flat and continues to receive support that is tailored around his needs and aspirations.

**To protect anonymity names have been changed**