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Kevin’s Story

Understanding the world around him

I asked Autism West Midlands for support when Kevin was aged four and had been diagnosed for only three months. I was really struggling with his behaviour, he would often bite and kick me. I was really worried and just wanted to understand him better so I could help him.

My Autism West Midlands outreach worker came to see me at home and advised me to keep a behaviour diary to help me understand his triggers and made me some personalised resources including a “Power Rangers” 5 point scale which helped Kevin tell me how felt about his school day.  We also worked on getting him to be more independent when getting ready for school

During the time my worker supported me things weren’t going so well at school. I grateful for her help with his EHCP review meeting; I used to find it easy to get overwhelmed in these meetings. After her support I now feel so much more confident and in control and can attend these meetings on my own and be able to question and challenge the professionals.

As a result of Autism West Midlands’s support I now understand much more about autism and how I can in turn help Kevin understand the world around him. It gave me confidence to work with Kevin on a folder “Our World”, with sections on emotions and feelings as well as the body and nature. The strategies that the charity supported me with have helped Kevin a lot, his challenging behaviours are much less and we can enjoy family outings now.

Autism West Midlands’s support is absolutely outstanding. I could never imagine feeling this confident and in control of my life. – Kevin’s Mum