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Joe’s Story

Accessing the Community Independently

In the past Joe found developing relationships with support workers difficult and was very anxious about accessing the community independently leading him to feeling isolated.

Joe began receiving support from Autism West Midlands in 2011. Over time Joe has increased his confidence and developed positive relationships with staff. Alongside support staff Joe began to develop relationships with local community facilities and shops. Emergency strategies were developed and rehearsed and a designated safety hub, which is a local Café, was also established to provide a place of safety for Joe if he became anxious or distressed.

Joe now accesses the community independently and he is able to confidently use his coping strategies and safety hub if required. Local businesses look out for Joe and will contact his support staff if Joe appears anxious or distressed

More recently a new shopping complex has opened local to Joe where the staff have supported him to build relationships with the local business and community members. This has enabled Joe to extend his opportunities for community access and have greater independence.

**To protect anonymity names have been changed**