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Walsall Befriending


We are a local Befriending Project for autistic adults who are living in Walsall. As a finalist in the national learning disabilities and autism awards, the befriending service offers a pathway of support to reduce social isolation and increase confidence and social skills in autistic adults.

We have different groups to suit different individuals needs. We run topic sessions where we learn more about Autism and encourage self-awareness within us all. This increased knowledge can help people to learn and grow as people. 

Group of people posing in front of Dudley Castle

Not only are there topic sessions but activities too. We visit local spots like the Walsall Art Gallery and sometimes venture into Birmingham to places like The Sea Life Centre. Last summer one group went to Dudley. These activities are decided by the group members and where they would like to visit.

We also have an evening discussion group for those who work in the day. This is peer support group and helps to connect individuals in a supportive environment.

Coffee Morning

As well as the support we offer for autistic adults, we also offer a supportive Coffee Morning for the parents of autistic adults.


Here is what some of our group members and parents have said about the service:

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“This group (Coffee Morning) is of tremendous help. It provides us with different people’s life, troubles and experiences which, in turn, helps you to understand the person you are supporting.” – Parent of our Coffee Morning 

“The group helps me to build my social skills and stops making me feel so lonely” – Core Group Member 

“If it wasn’t for this group, I would be stuck in the house all the time. I would also have no social life as I struggle to make friends.” – Core Group Member.

Eligibility criteria: 18+ with a confirmed diagnosis of autism, living in Walsall local authority, for further information please contact us.

If you are interested in our Befriending Project, then please get in touch via email: