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Welcome to our World Autism Acceptance Week 2022 survey results page

For #WorldAutismAcceptanceWeek asked a question of the #autistic community.

What does being autistic mean for you?

See the answers below…

Take the link to our survey, asking 'What does being autistic mean for you?'

Below are some of the great answers we received…


“Being autistic means that I can’t tell what people think about me unless they use words to tell me.”


“It means I struggle with talking to people who I don’t know and who I do know.”


“Experiencing the world differently.”


“That I find some things difficult, but that I am very good at the areas in which my skills lie.”


“I see it as an ability to be more adventurous.”


“That senses are processed in different ways that sometimes take longer to comprehend.”


“A different view of the world.”


“Like being a tourist on an alien planet! But it’s generally an exciting holiday, if very challenging too!”


“It looks like I’m having a tantrum when really I’m trying my best to stay calm in a stressful situation.”


“Autism means I struggle with relationships & emotion & senses yet people touch me without asking ,expect me to understand what they want from me & understand there feelings yet they don’t consider mine.”


“Pros and cons. Dogged determination, sherlock powers of logic and good recall on facts but struggle with social setting and relationships so can be isolating.”


“I am nearly 6, I cannot speak, I try. I speak to my mum and other adults, they can read me and what I want. I cannot read and write I like looking at books. I can dress myself a bit. I don’t understand the world like adults do. But I understand what is familiar and what I enjoy. I love the outdoors, playgrounds cafes and food. I have my mum, she knows what I like, she knows what I need. I wish I could communicate in words like my brother. But I get my points across. I love school, they get me. The other children are a bit like me. I belong I like it. They understand me and are helping me grow. I enjoy life, sometimes I get overwhelmed. (Written by mum who translates my needs).”


“That people see the world differently.”


“That you view the world in a different way than others. That you see, hear and experience things differently that others cannot understand.”


“Understanding better who I am.”


“Mean I treated different and not understood.”


“Overwhelming its like a battle me against the world when it’s made for me.”


“Great grandkids.”


“Having a unique, non-typical, experience perception.”