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Making a Difference

The funds you raise will enable us to support autistic people and their families at every stage of their journey from getting a diagnosis to finding tools and strategies to lead a fulfilling life.

In the last 5 years family support has had the following impact on individuals;

  • Our Helpline has taken over £15,000 calls
  • 1500 have attended our training and workshops
  • Over 8000 have attended our family activities
  • Over 2000 attended our parent groups
  • Over 1000 have attended our advice sessions
  • 200 attended sibling groups
  • 150 received 1:1 casework support
Family Autism Support


Could pay for an autistic child to attend a stay and play session. These sessions give children the chance to do what they do best – play.


Is what it costs to run our Information Advice Line for one hour.  Providing and listening ear and vital support to those who are affected by autism.


Could help pay for a family to attend an advice session. These sessions help families that have reached a crisis point and offer a helping hand to build a stronger future.


May give a brother or sister of an autistic child the chance to attend a sibling workshop. Sibling workshops allow children to learn more about autism and provide a great opportunity to share their feelings.


Could provide a 1:1 specialist support session to a family with an autistic child. This would help them develop long term coping strategies, improving their day to day lives.


Could fund a 6 week training course for a parent. This course will help families to understand autism, ask questions they may have and meet other parents.

Our Families


Esti's Story

Esti's Story


Sylvia's Story

Sylvia's Story