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When Dan met Simon

28th July 2021

Simon in the garden
Simon in the polly-tunnel

On a lovely sunny day in June, our Digital Media Producer, Dan, went to meet one of our supported residents, Simon.

They talked about things that he’s doing now that restrictions are beginning to lift and what Simon enjoys doing with his time at his home.

Simon took Dan on a tour of the gardens, showing him all the areas that he enjoyed going to and things that he enjoyed spending his time doing.

His favourite part of the garden is the potting shed. He also showed Dan the Polytunnel and talked about how they would always do gardening on a Monday, to get salad for lunch that day.

Gardening is loved by many people in our homes and as helped to keep the people we support busy during lock down. Recently, one resident held a plant sale to raise money and sell some of the lovely plants that they had grown during lock down.

Simon also showed Dan one of his favourite things in the garden, the Skiing Man sculpture. He said that he ‘find that very amusing indeed’. He really enjoyed showing Dan this particular feature in the garden and telling us all about how they acquired the Skiing Man.

The garden

Simon told Dan about how he has started visiting his family on the weekends. He said that he enjoys riding in the car and going out for coffee with them.

During the last year, family visiting in the services had been really restricted so it’s lovely to hear about our residents being able to visit their families in a more normal way and go out at the weekends with them again.

He mentioned that his favourite part of his home was the extension, where a lot of people’s favourite activities take place. In particular, he mentioned aromatherapy. He said that ‘we go to aromatherapy on Monday and you have music and you sleep like a log in aromatherapy’. Sounds like a very relaxing Monday to us!

While we know that the pandemic isn’t over, we were really happy to be able to catch up with Simon and hear about all the things he’s been doing during the pandemic and as restrictions begin to ease.

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