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Skydiving for Autism West Midlands

7th August 2017

Meet one of our amazing fundraisers Hinesh! After seeing the work that we do as a charity Hinesh decided to fundraise for us. We asked him some questions about his motivation and his experience of skydiving.

Please tell us a little about yourself and your association with autism.

‘I’ve always been interested in how every person is different, and this lead to me studying psychology. I also have worked as a support worker, supporting autistic individuals, and I thoroughly enjoyed this role. I also have a cousin who is on the autistic spectrum. I recognise that those with autism are just as different as any individual without autism, and I believe that awareness of disorders such as autism needs to increase, and any stigma associated needs to be removed. I also blog about mental health related issues, including disorders such as autism, to help to increase awareness.’

What motivated you to do a challenge event for charity and why did you choose Autism West Midlands?

‘I started doing charity events last year, when I completed the Birmingham half marathon for Mind. This year I decided to challenge myself even more and decided to do a Skydive for Autism West Midlands. I recognise the work that Autism West Midlands do, and I really commend the charity for all that they do. I just wanted to do something to be able to help out too.’

You did a skydive! How was this and are you pleased that you did it?

‘I’ve always wanted to do a skydive, but just haven’t convinced myself to be that daring (to be honest), but I decided to finally book it! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and would definitely recommend others to do it if you’re thinking about it! Doing it for Autism West Midlands made me not feel so nervous, knowing that I was raising money for a good cause.’

How did the fundraising/sponsorship happen and how much did you raise?

‘I fundraised via Virgin Money giving, and had a target of £150. However, I managed to raise £449 (£507 including gift aid), which I was extremely shocked by. I publicised the skydive via social media, endless amounts of texts to people, and by bugging my friends and family whenever I saw them! Everyone was extremely enthusiastic about the skydive, and was eager to support the cause too!’

Are you planning any more challenges for charity? Would you recommend this as a good way of helping to fundraise?

‘Skydiving is an amazing experience, and I would recommend anyone thinking about it to do it! I’m considering options for my next fundraising event, maybe another skydive, or just a run – still not too sure.’


If you are interested in doing a skydive for us or any another fundraising activity please email our fundraising team at

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