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Scotty Sings in Aid Of Us!

20th January 2021

We were delighted when we heard that Scotty, having been encouraged by his brother Liam, had decided to fundraise for Autism West Midlands by showing off his amazing talent for singing and recording a clip for YouTube. Having set up a Go Fund Me page in aid Autism West Midlands, Liam and Scotty took to Twitter  to ask for  donations. After just 4 days the total is already an absolutely incredible £900 and still rising!

Scotty, who is autistic himself, has always loved singing and has a real talent for it. Brother Liam is also a musician. A link to the amazing video can be found at the following link:

This is such a great  fundraising idea, especially during the current circumstances with COVID restrictions in place, and we are so grateful to Scotty and Liam for choosing to support Autism West Midlands and raise funds for us.

We wanted to find our more so we contacted Liam and asked some questions about the fundraiser.

Thanks so much for fundraising for us, can you tell us why you chose us as a charity?

“Scotty has autism and we have both lived in the West Midlands our whole lives. We have raised money nationally before for autism but this time we wanted to keep it more localised to help children and adults in our area and raise awareness.”

Scotty and Liam smiling
Scotty and Liam singing on YouTube

Why choose the singing challenge and who came up with the idea and was there anything you found challenging about completing this fundraiser?


“Scotty has always loved singing and he is so good at it! He has always loved music and it really brings out the best in him and his emotions. Music is his talent and something he really understands. I myself am a musician so we decided to collaborate for something special and raise money for a good cause.”


Is there anything you would like to say to people about why they should donate to your fundraiser and Autism West Midlands?


“Autism is among us in daily life and is a part of our community. It is so important that continuous efforts are made to support teams like Autism West Midlands. Not only to directly support people with autism with activities and care but raising awareness in the community and making it a safer place for all people with autism. It’s so important that all members of the community know the traits of autism, it may really help someone someday.”

How has it made you feel seeing the amazing response to your video and amazing amount that has been raised so far?

“To be fair, I expected a great response for Scotty. He’s an unbelievable young man and he’s super talented. It’s really lovely to see that it’s warmed people’s hearts in this tough time and they’ve taken time to donate.”

Do you have any advice, tips or anything else to offer other autistic people and those caring for them?

“My brother finds great pleasure and relaxation with music. For anybody who has not tried it with their families/loved ones with autism I’ve found it can be really helpful. It calms Scotty down when he is anxious or upset and can make him extremely happy. Finally, just to reach out to your local support networks such as Autism West Midlands if you have any concerns.

Thank you all for your donations. Me and Scotty hope to do more and more videos in the future together.”

Because of fundraisers like Scotty and Liam, we are able to continue to support hundreds of autistic people and their families across the region. Thank you so much for choosing Autism West Midlands!

If you would like to make a  donation to us in recognition of Scotty’s  performance please visit his fundraising page here:

Do you have a special talent similar to Scottys, or are you interested in fundraising for us? If so, get in touch by emailing us at

We’d love to hear from you!

Scotty and Liam smiling

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