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Exciting launch of our Community Supported Living Service (previously Outreach)

13th June 2017

Here at Autism West Midlands we are delighted to announce the
re-launch of our Community Supported Living Service! Formally known as Outreach, Community Supported Living enables individuals on the autism spectrum to maintain independence by offering support and advice in many areas of life.

Joe’s Story – Accessing the community independently

Joe found developing relationships with support workers difficult and was very anxious about accessing the community independently leading him to feeling isolated.

Joe began receiving support from Autism West Midlands in 2011. Over time Joe has increased his confidence and developed positive relationships with staff. Alongside support staff Joe began to develop relationships with local community facilities and shops. Emergency strategies were developed and rehearsed and a designated safety hub, which is a local Café, was also established to provide a place of safety for Joe if he became anxious or distressed.

Joe now accesses the community independently and he is able to confidently use his coping strategies and safety hub if required. Local businesses look out for Joe and will contact his support staff if Joe appears anxious or distressed.

More recently a new shopping complex has opened local to Joe where the staff have supported him to build relationships with the local business and community members. This has enabled Joe to extend his opportunities for community access and have greater independence.


Specialist Support

The Community Supported Living service provides a specialist support service that enables individuals to maintain independence, develop relationships and learn new skills within their community. The service can support individuals in many areas of life, such as:

• Independent living skills

• Community activities

• Access to health care and appointments

• Access to education, employment and training

• Developing and maintaining relationships

• Housing related support


Knowledgeable staff team

Our knowledgeable staff team have a wealth of experience in providing a tailored support package co-produced with individuals and key people in their lives. We have extensive experience of supporting people with autism and additional needs such as:
• Mental Health
• Learning Disabilities
• Forensic Care
• Communication Difficulties
• Sensory Issues
• Challenging Behaviours


In-house behaviour specialist

For individuals who may experience difficulties around anxiety and/or frustration, we also have our own in-house Behaviour Specialist and Senior Autism Trainer who is able to provide advice, support and guidance. We currently successfully support individuals to live in their own homes and work with housing providers across the West Midlands to seek suitable accommodation for them.


Referrals to the service

As an organisation we are committed to enabling individuals to have greater independence and have less dependence on paid support. This approach enables us to reduce support in the longer term, ensuring it is sustainable for the individual. (Minimum delivery hours apply).

To find out more or to make a referral:
• Email us at
• Or call us at our Head Office on 0121 450 7582

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